Sayan Chanda (b. Kolkata) is an artist and textile practitioner from India, currently based in London.

Sayan creates hybrid forms that conjure votive offerings, ritual markings and folk iconography using fibres, clay and articles of personal significance. Employing laboured methods of tapestry weaving, stitching, dyeing, unpicking found textiles and hand-building, he works intuitively giving physical forms to his anxieties, mythologies, and individual and collective memory. The culminating ambiguous forms allow him to escape into a more comfortable myth. 

His works often function as totems, portals and talismans, alluding to objects or moments in his past that still hold significance for him. He is particularly interested in how these objects became relatable, to begin with, and transcended their material confines moving into an esoteric realm. Their physicality and purpose which make them sacred yet foreboding, are potent references for him.

Once completed, his works exist as relics; vestiges of working through inner monologues, that sit outside of place, culture and period.



2020 - 2021 - MA Fine Art - Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London), UK

2009 - 2013 - B.DES Textile Design - National Institute of Design, India


2022 - A Smear and the Crown, Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai

2022 - Actions for the Earth: Art, Care & Ecology, Independent Curators International (ICI), New York (forthcoming)

2022 - A Plot Hatched By Two, Warbling, London

2021 - London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London

2021 - Group Show, South London Gallery, London

2021 - Hanging Gardens, Nature Morte, New Delhi

2021 - Common Ground, Copeland Gallery, London

2021 - Unmute, Copeland Gallery, London

2020 - Pause - Method, Mumbai

2020 - Tactile - Deptford Does Art, London

2020 - Textiel Plus - Virtual exhibit, Netherlands

2020 - Surface Gallery - Virtual exhibit, Nottingham

2019 - The India Story - The Art Exhibit, Kolkata

2019 - The 84th London Group Open, Cello Factory, London


2023 - Thread artist’s residency, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Sinthian, Senegal (forthcoming)

2022 - Radical Residency VII, Unit 1 Gallery | Worshop, London

2022 - The UC Berkeley South Asia Artist Prize- Honourable Mention

2020 - The Jamshetjee Nusserwanjee Tata Endowment Scholarship

2019 - Marshwood Arts Awards - Applied Arts, Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset


2022 - Mint Lounge 

2022 - Vogue India

2022 - Colour Hive Magazine

2021 - India Today

2021 - Patriot, India

2021 - Book - Yarn, Thread, String, Uppercase Publishing Inc.

2020 - Asian Curator

2020 - Warp and Weft Magazine

2020 - Design India Magazine

2020 - Architects and Interiors India

2019 - Cocoa and Jasmine magazine

2017 - Livemint

2014 - Pool magazine



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